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Primary Examination

Prior to a contact lens examination, it is important to have a complete primary vision and eye health examination. Whether it's glasses, contact lenses, lasik surgery or cataract surgery, a thorough eye examination is an important first step. All of these options plus others can be looked at during that examination. A complete exam can often be done the same day as a contact lens examination / fitting.

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Contact Lens Exam

During a contact lens fitting, there are many factors to consider. Such factors as age, occupation, hobbies, eye health, physical health, dexterity, sports, just to mention a few, are all important considerations. Lens complexity plays an important part of the decision. The need for multifocals, astigmatism or binocular eye coordination issues need to be considered as well.

Special Contact Lens Testing

Special tests that are specific to contact lens wear are needed. We measure the shape and contour of your corneas and use this information to properly fit lenses to your eye. We use your prescription to determine the proper powers to put into the contact lenses. We also consider tear production and tear quality among other factors like shape, size, and tautness of lids.

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Insertion and Removal Training

Insertion and removal training is done for every new contact lens patient. While it isn’t difficult, putting a contact lens into your eye for the first time can be a challenge for some people. We provide training to help you become comfortable with this process. More important, is the removal of the contact lens. This prevents many complications that can arise due to lens overwear. We will not allow a person to leave our office with contact lenses if they are unable to properly insert and remove their own contacts.

Trial Period

We always recommend a trial period to see if contact lenses really are the best solution for your visual needs. For some of our patients, contact lenses provide the best vision every day. For others, contact lenses are useful for only specific activities or days. All of these considerations are discussed. If during the trial period a lens is causing problems, we always encourage our patients to come back to the office for a contact lens check. This allows for adjustments to the lens or perhaps a refit to another lens that may correct the problem. Our greatest concern is the health of your eyes, so always follow recommendations for proper lens hygiene, lens wear time, and changing schedule.

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Special Use Contacts

We provide a full array of specialized contact lenses and fittings. These can include multifocals, monovision, astigmatism, keratoconus lenses, hybrid monovision, sports contacts, colored contacts, custom-made contacts for hiding an eye injury, to name a few.



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A good contact lens fit starts with a thorough eye exam to ensure the most up-to-date prescription and rule out any pre-existing conditions that could interfere with contact lens wear.

We offer a wide selection of lenses including disposable soft contacts, bifocal/multifocal, toric, and colored lenses. Whether you wear daily, weekly or monthly disposables, or conventional (vial) lenses, check out our selection of lenses that fit your needs.

Contact Lens Fitting in Flagstaff

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