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We carry the latest style of quality frames as well as the classics. New material, designs, coatings and the “tricky to fit” are our specialty. Our licensed Opticians and Technicians have seen it all.


Style Matters!

When talking to someone we use both verbal and nonverbal communication. Much of our nonverbal communication is with our eyes. Therefore, the frames we wear can matter more then our clothes, haircut, shoes, or even makeup. Your glasses are the immediate accessory that everyone sees. It’s face jewelry! Would you wear the same necklace with all of your different outfits? Of coarse not! By offering hundreds of different frames and styles, we can help your vision match your style.


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Quality Matters!

The shiny finish on eyeglasses doesn’t tell you what the inner quality of the material is. Many of the frames appear to be the same on the outside, but the inner quality can be vastly different. We work with these materials every day and are ready to share our expert knowledge regarding the quality and function of various frame materials. The difference between low and high quality materials will dictate how long a frame will last, it will also determine whether it will serve your day-to-day needs while providing protection in your favorite actives.


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Design Matters!

We want to know you, so that we can account for factors that apply to your occupation, hobbies, recreation, or just day-to-day needs. For example, a construction worker will not have the same vision needs as a computer programmer. An artist will not have the same vision needs as a welder. A fisherman will not have the same vision needs as a golfer. We want to help you select a frame and lenses that are specific to you and your vision needs. Help us by telling us about you and what you plan to use your glasses for.


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You Matter!

When you visit our frame selection area you will see hundreds of frames. Be sure to ask questions. Selecting a frame is not the same as going to a store. We do not sell glasses at our office. We provide you the means to excellent vision. Our goal is to bring your lifestyle into focus by offering a wide verity of high-quality frames and lenses for your favorite sports, hobbies, occupational, recreational, and general needs. Our optical offers frames for all ages, infants to adults.


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