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The Effects of Wildfire Smoke on your Eyes

museum fire

Have your eyes been watering, itchy or gritty feeling during these past few days? It may be due to the effects of wildfire smoke on your eyes. Smoke can cause your eyes to feel dry or watery. Other symptoms you may be experiencing are burning, redness or itchiness. Smoke consists of many fine particles that can irritate your eyes. You can develop eye allergies or dry eyes from the smoke.

Museum Fire

Museum Fire photo credit: Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun

To prevent this from happening, try to limit your exposure to smoke. Stay indoors whenever possible and try to keep your doors and windows shut. Drink lots of water and run a humidifier if possible. Artificial tears can be very helpful in treating many of these symptoms. Visit Eye Care Associates for more information. If these symptoms have persisted more than several days, call our clinic right away to make an appointment with Dr. Grimh, Dr. McQuivey, or Dr. Meyer!